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A lot of people think they need to be #teamnodaysoff in order to reach their fitness goals. I see that exact hash tag all over Instagram; people bragging about training every day, giving it 200%, and going hard with every workout. While this is a lot of dedication and I commend these people for being[…]

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Protein bars can be very convenient meal replacements or snacks, especially when living a busy lifestyle! I will be honest that protein bars are not really my thing, however, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite bars that I do have on occasion. A lot of my clients love to incorporate them into[…]

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Since I just graduated with my Family Nurse Practitioner degree a week ago, I thought a good blog post would be how to stay organized and on track when you are living a busy lifestyle. Everyone is busy, but some people have more time to dedicate to their hobbies then others. So how do you[…]

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One of the most common topics I talk about with my clients is food that bloats you! Even though a food may be good for you and packed full of nutrients, sometimes they have unpleasant side effects. This is obviously not fun to see your stomach expanding, but it can also be physically painful for[…]

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If you are following me on Instagram (@joey_g911) or following our ADO Fitness pages (@ado_fitness and @adofitnessmealprep) then you know we are ALL ABOUT those macro friendly treats! Whether you are preparing for a competition, on a cut, or reverse dieting, it is always good to have some savory and sweet snack ideas up your[…]

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We are officially over two months into the New Year – have you kept up with your New Year resolutions? How close are you to achieving your goals? I get asked a lot “how you do stay motivated?” Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to answer. A lot of people wait for motivation to come to[…]

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