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Who here is guilty of letting one bad moment ruin your whole day? You wake up late for work, don’t do well on a test at school, forget your lunch at home, or get stuck in traffic on the way to an appointment and end up carrying this bad mood with you into the rest[…]

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Who else here gets hangry? You know… being so hungry that you’re actually angry? Once you fill up your belly, your mood suddenly changes and you’re friends aren’t running away from you anymore! The same way that being hungry or full can affect how we feel, WHAT we eat makes a big impact on our[…]

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You have heard from us time and time again that food is fuel for your body – in order to reach our fitness goals, we have to give our body the nutrients that it needs to function. Without enough protein and carbohydrates, we won’t have the energy to make it through our workouts and our[…]

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