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Ugh, another Monday… everyone’s least favorite day of the week. But why? Just because we are all “back to reality” and the weekend is over? I think that Monday should be our BEST day of the week! Am I crazy? Maybe! But I am also determined to reach my goals and won’t let one day[…]

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How many of you make New Year’s Resolutions? No matter if you make one resolution, or make a few, you aren’t alone! In fact, making a New Year’s resolution is something that 58% of Americans say they do! Whether you want to reach a certain goal, try something new, or quit a habit you aren’t[…]

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We are officially over two months into the New Year – have you kept up with your New Year resolutions? How close are you to achieving your goals? I get asked a lot “how you do stay motivated?” Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to answer. A lot of people wait for motivation to come to[…]

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