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How many of you are still stuck on that number on the scale, despite hearing a million times that the scale isn’t everything? Don’t get me wrong; I know how easy it is to get caught up on that number… this is what society has been telling us to do since before we were even[…]

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I know this topic has been covered time and time again on social media, but it’s still a pretty common question that I am asked by clients. Eating out and making healthy choices can be very difficult, especially living in a world where everything is super size and more is almost always better! BUT I[…]

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You may think that weighing yourself everyday is the key to staying on track, but it actually could be hurting your more then you think! How often you step on the scale can play a big part in your motivation to either continue or abandon your goals. Stepping on the scale and seeing your weight[…]

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With all the benefits of going dairy free, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to take the leap.  Since 2005, dairy consumption has steadily declined with 22% of people reporting that they have decreased their intake of dairy, but choosing to make this lifestyle change can still be intimidating. I get[…]

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Protein bars can be very convenient meal replacements or snacks, especially when living a busy lifestyle! I will be honest that protein bars are not really my thing, however, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite bars that I do have on occasion. A lot of my clients love to incorporate them into[…]

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