How to Make Monday the Best Day of Your Week!

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Ugh, another Monday… everyone’s least favorite day of the week. But why? Just because we are all “back to reality” and the weekend is over? I think that Monday should be our BEST day of the week! Am I crazy? Maybe! But I am also determined to reach my goals and won’t let one day of the week slow me down. Here are some ways you can make Monday your BEST day of the week, too!

  1. Turn Monday into a mini extended weekend! Instead of staying late on your first day back to work, make dinner plans with your significant other or grab a drink with the girls! Before summer is over, go get your favorite Froyo one more time or enjoy a jog outside as it cools down. Maybe you need one more night to just CHILL and catch up on your favorite TV show! Whatever you look forward to on the weekend, do a little bit of it on Monday, too.
  2. Sleep in! Instead of going full speed ahead into the work week, take a slow morning and sleep in a little bit longer! Enjoy your cup of coffee and breakfast fresh and at the table, instead of finding whatever is easiest to eat in the car on the way in. Your day and your work will still be there even if don’t get started as early as usual.
  3. Mix up your workspace! I am fortunate enough to work from home, so when I am having the Monday blues I change up where I go to work! Sometimes all it takes it being outside at a coffee shop instead of in my office to give me a fresh perspective on the day. Even if you work at an office job, get out of that cubicle and into a different environment.
  4. Smile and show gratitude! One of my favorite ways to push away anxiety is to turn it into gratitude. Instead of dreading Monday because you have a big presentation, think about the reasons you are thankful to have the opportunity to show off your skills at work! Instead of hitting snooze and skipping your work out, get up and get that sweat sesh in because you are thankful to have a body capable of exercising! Pick up coffee for you AND your coworker on the way in to show them you are thankful for their help and you are in this Monday together.
  5. Make some plans to look forward to later in the week. Maybe you can’t take today away from the office or afford to sleep in because of a big deadline, but you CAN make plans for later in the week to celebrate! This will give you something to look forward to and serve as a little positive reinforcement for having a productive week!
  6. Make some extra delicious meals! Who doesn’t love a good meal? Take some time on Sunday afternoon to prep a special lunch for each day of the week to keep you full and energized to get stuff done! Having lunches already made will give you one less thing to worry about, ensure you stay on track with healthy and nutritious meals, and give you something to look forward to. Instead of working through lunch, take some time to yourself so you are recharged and ready to push through the afternoon!
  7. Try a new workout class! Mix up your workout routine by trying something new! Your body needs something new in order to keep making progress and it will also add some excitement to your week!
  8. Last but not least, remember new week = new goals! Even if you strayed from the plan or indulged a little bit last week, this is a new chance to make progress toward whatever you’re working on! Maybe prepping lunches helps you stay on track with macros, trying a new workout class helps you get your cardio in, and switching up your work space refreshes your mind set! Monday means a fresh start to achieving everything you already know you are capable of!

How will you make Monday the best day of your week? Tell me in the comments below!


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