How Do You Stay Motivated?

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We are officially over two months into the New Year – have you kept up with your New Year resolutions? How close are you to achieving your goals? I get asked a lot “how you do stay motivated?” Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to answer. A lot of people wait for motivation to come to them, but in reality you have to CREATE your own motivation! I am just like you in that sometimes I do not feel like going to the gym or I just really want a special treat instead of following my macro plan – everyone has days like this! So, how do I keep myself motivated? Below are a few of my tried and true methods for getting my booty back in gear, even when I don’t feel like it…


  1. MAKE A LIST: I know, this kind of sounds cheesy, but for me it really works! When I see my goals listed out in front of me day in and day out, I am reminded of why I am doing what I am doing and that my actions will have rewards in the end. It’s a good idea to make short and long-term goals – the short-term goals help keep you on track to achieving the long-term goals. That feeling of accomplishment and crossing one more goal off the list is great motivation for me to keep going.
  2. HAVE A GYM BUDDY: I love being able to go to the gym with someone who is going to help push me to my limits and give me the encouragement I need to make it through a lift or cardio. Having someone you go to the gym with is a great way to keep yourself accountable to going! You can do this with a nutrition plan, or any of your other goals, too! Having a coach or a friend who you check in with via text, emails, or phone calls each week is a way to stay accountable and have someone on your team for achieving your goals.
  3. GIVE YOURSELF A REWARD: If your goal is to make it the gym five times per week, then reward yourself when you reach this goal! It doesn’t have to be something expensive or crazy… it can be as simple as buying a coffee from your favorite place or scheduling a massage at the end of the week. If you have a reward – or a “light at the end of the tunnel”, so to speak – it can serve as a reminder to stay on track, or you won’t get your special treat 😉
  4. LISTEN TO MOTIVATIONAL SPEECHES: There is nothing that gets me more pumped up before a gym session or before taking the stage at a competition then listening to motivational speeches. I have found some great “speech playlists” on iTunes and there are a ton of them on YouTube, as well.
  5. REVIEW YOUR PROGRESS: This is one main reason we always encourage our clients to take progress pictures weekly. I know a lot of my clients, as well as myself, are guilty of not feeling like we are getting anywhere in terms of progress. When you see yourself every single day, it’s hard to notice the small changes that are occurring, but when you put pictures that are a few weeks or months apart next to each other, the changes are much more evident! Seeing how far you have come is a great way to motivate yourself to keep going!
  6. DON’T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF: It’s very easy to get discouraged and let this throw off our progress towards our goals, so it’s important to give yourself time to rest and recuperate. Whether this is a rest day from the gym, or a day out shopping with your best friends, take some time to enjoy your life and don’t stress too much about workouts and dieting. This isn’t an excuse to go crazy on treats or take weeks off from the gym, but it’s a great way to reenergize and get yourself ready to tackle the goals you have planned for yourself!


How do you keep yourself motivated? I would love to hear your tips and tricks, so make sure to leave a comment!


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